A Comedy Tour of West Coast Bubble*

Comedians Alicia Dattner, Raina Satori, and Adam Gordon are More Enlightened Than You.*

  • Headlining: Alicia Dattner “Pretty F’ing Awake”
  • Featuring: Adam Gordon “Once Saw Tony Robbins at a Cafe in Bali”
  • Featuring: Raina Satori “Of the Shamanic Cheerleaders”
  • Live Podcast – “More Enlightened Than You” Occasional participation riffing, culminating in the Woke Olympics

*Probably. (Not.)

Booking the Tour

If you feel incomplete, unloved, not perfectly held by the universe, think when you try to meditate, dislike anything at all, have imperfect teeth, uneven digestion, feet with toes that you think are weird, or any goals at all that you haven’t reached yet — host us so we can show you how we figured this whole thing out, and you can too.

We are booking yoga studios, workshop spaces, theaters, festivals, and clubs who would like to receive the blessing of hosting us as we give the deeksha of sacred superiority all over you!

* If you have a popular local musician or comedian associated with the venue, we’d love to have them open the show and bring community together.