Spiritual Gangster Comedians

Headlining the Tour:
Comedian Alicia Dattner

Alicia realized liberation at the age of six while eating a rice cake mit organic tahini, realizing simultaneously that rice cake is nothing like real cake. She’s spent so much time meditating in the Himalayas, she no longer needs to meditate, as she has gained full access to the unconscious mind and Self. Her Self has even realized its Self. She recently completed a black belt in ashtanga yoga, and she takes full scorpion pose with humility and grace.

Dattner’s white tantra comedy is 100% organic, grass-fed, kosher, non-violent, un-corded, hearty, dark leafy-green, and nourishing for your micro biome. (And funny.) Plus, she’s won a bunch of awards and toured around the world, but recognition no longer has any effect or her state of pure consciousness. Nor for that matter, do money, sex, or psychedelics. Catch her last comedy tour / transmission before she ascends. She’s definitely more enlightened than Adam.

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Comedian Adam Gordon

Adam has an impressive resume of ways he’s more enlightened than you. He:

  • Shops at Whole Foods
  • Went to Burning Man.
  • Went to India — twice.  The motherland baby.  Adam has been all up in the motherland. Fasting and meditating like a spiritual AF MF. Hung with Mooji, Gangaji, Pappaji, Jumanji.
  • Failed a lot. Failure is a way to lose one’s ego, and Adam had failed at almost everything he’s tried to do making him egoless. BOOM! He’s totally not attached to success or things or money.
  • Got fired from a bunch of jobs because he’s too aligned to work at a job that isn’t spiritually aligned with him, and no job is yet. Proving how damn enlightened he is.
  • He has gone through long periods of abstinence, totally not by choice.
  • Did we mention DRUGS? Boy he’s done a bunch. He’s bent his consciousness more ways than a Christmas tree made out of pipe cleaners. He’s gone to all the chemically induced altered states so you don’t have to.
  • He also recycles. Composts too.

This is just a small sample of Adam’s enlightenment resume. If you still really think you’re more enlightened than him he’ll be happy to show your own delusion to you. (He’s definitely more enlightened than Alicia.)

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Raina Satori
of The Shamanic Cheerleaders

Raina began her comedy career in middle school. She is a redhead and a non-conformist… which made her the butt of many, many jokes… her searing wit came as a survival strategy for ginger-kickers and mean girls.

Raina is more enlightened than just about anybody because well, she was born to be… with a name that means queen, she is obligated to be the best at anything she has ever tried to do…. Which is nearly everything. Her comedy is the most enlightened comedy because lightening up and letting go is one of the only things she’s been really really really successful at. Cheerleaders were always a very upsetting sect of humans to Raina until she realized that cheerleading could be used for any intention she wanted… not just for pigskin tossers.

And since she is an ordained priestess, she figured why not preach in the form of cheerleading… since that’s how you get to the folks who really need it. That, and people pay more attention when you use pompoms and show some leg.

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